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    Using MS Access in the Property Tab Builder.

    Neill Mills

      I have been using the Property Tab Builder for about a year with no real issues.


      As of late I have been linking to an MS Access (2007) Database for my property selection data.


      Using Access I have consolidated some my data from multiple database list using Queries, this give me just the data I wanted.


      But, the Property Tab Builder only give me a choice of Tables in Access not Queries.

      I understand I can dump a Query back into a Table but then the Table is not self updating.


      Anyone have any ideas?


      Or should this go to the enhancement request people.




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          Wayne Matus

          You might ber able to do this indirectly using Excel. Have a spreadsheet that runs the query and then link the spreadsheet to the Property Tab Builder.

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            Jon Gourley



            I figured out how to link to a query this morning. Like you said, linking to a table is not really very useful compared to a query.


            1. Start by adding the controls you wish using the property tab builder.

            2. Close the property tab builder and open the file using notepad.

            3. Edit to point to your query. The query and the column name must be correct.



            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



                <GroupBox Label="Groupbox" PropName="Groupbox2" DefaultState="Expanded">

                  <Control Label="Caption_here" PropName="Name_Here" ApplyTo="Global" Type="ComboBox" UserDefineable="False">

                    <Data Table="qry_raw_material" Field="Material Type" Path="X:\Database\Database.accdb" SourceType="MSAccess" />