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    New Laptop, is this alright?

    John Rehak

      I have been having computer issues lately, and our IT department is not really an IT department. It has been decided that we are ditching my HP and going to a Dell. They have spec'ed out the latop listed below, and I am wondering if this is going to suit my needs. I do very heavy modeling, working in large assemblies and working with multipage drawings. Also, I perform a good bit of rendering, and simulation, as well as using 3DVia composer. Due to a heavy workload, and required fast turnaround times, I cannot afford to have PC related slow downs on a new machine and I would appreciate it if the experts could check this unit out and let me know the deal. I can push for a better unit, as long as I have a strong reason to back that push up with, and thats where I could use some help.


      Dell XPS 17

      Capture pc.JPG


      Any Thoughts? Thanks!

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          Anna Wood

          I would not get a laptop, I would go with a Dell Precision Workstation.  T3500, with the best processor you can afford.  If you do a lot of rendering then a T5500 with a high end dual socket cpu will get a good ROI.


          Your IT guys have spec'ed the wrong laptop for you.  If you need a laptop get a Dell Precision M6600 with the best cpu, a bunch of memory and an SSD drive.


          Dell XPS 17 are gaming systems, you need a workstation class laptop.


          SolidWorks is cpu bound and benefits from a fast cpu.  Rendering is cpu driven and benefits from a fast cpu, with as many cores as you can throw at it.


          Simulation benefits from a fast cpu and also an SSD drive, as there are a lot of reads/writes to disk when solving.


          I would push for a much better unit.





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              John Rehak

              I would prefer to not have a laptop either, but I have to be mobile as I travel and work overseas a fair amount. I appreciate your insight!

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                  Fred Britt

                  I just bought a HP EliteBook 8760w B2A82UT 17.3 LED Notebook - Smart Buy Core i7 i7-2640M 2.8GHz 8GB DDR3 500GB HDD DVD-Writer NVIDIA Quadro 3000M Bluetooth Finger Print Reader Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Gunmetal with a docking station (all purchase from Tiger Direct).


                  So far it's been a awesome computer for SW. I use an external monitor and use the lap top monitor as a secondary if needed. Also have a external keyboard, mouse, and ext solid statet drive to keep my data on.


                  The docking station is nice so when you go mobile, you don't have to unhook a bunch of wires/plugs. Just press the docking station disconnect and you are ready to go.


                  I got more band for the dollar with HP vs somethiing equal with Dell.

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                Michael Lord



                For what it is worth I have the previous generation XPS 16. 



                These may give you arguement for the system you need!