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    How often has Solidworks 2012 been crashing on you?

    Filipe Venceslau

      Hi, I'm just curious as to what you Solidworks users have been experiencing.


      I just recently upgraded to Windows7 x64 and am on Solidwoks 2012 sp 2.0.

      I work mostly with sheet-metal and ~20 part assemblies, programming and parametric templates.

      I tend to explore and tinker with many of the different options/features. Lately I have noticed that my Solidworks crashes more often than ever.


      I've been averaging about 3 crashes a day (easily) - with light use (maybe 4 hours a day). I haven't been able to narrow these crashes down to a specific part, assembly, feature or anything.


      What about you?


      Operating System:      Windows7 x64

      Solidworks:                2012 sp2.0

      Work:                        Sheet-metal / small assemblies / programming

      Daily Crash Average:   ~3