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How often has Solidworks 2012 been crashing on you?

Question asked by Filipe Venceslau on Mar 26, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2012 by Greg Hynd

Hi, I'm just curious as to what you Solidworks users have been experiencing.


I just recently upgraded to Windows7 x64 and am on Solidwoks 2012 sp 2.0.

I work mostly with sheet-metal and ~20 part assemblies, programming and parametric templates.

I tend to explore and tinker with many of the different options/features. Lately I have noticed that my Solidworks crashes more often than ever.


I've been averaging about 3 crashes a day (easily) - with light use (maybe 4 hours a day). I haven't been able to narrow these crashes down to a specific part, assembly, feature or anything.


What about you?


Operating System:      Windows7 x64

Solidworks:                2012 sp2.0

Work:                        Sheet-metal / small assemblies / programming

Daily Crash Average:   ~3