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Network connection lost errors.

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Mar 16, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2012 by Remo Frey

I had a lot of problems with network connection lost errors to the parts in my assemblies since upgrading from SW2011 to 12. (SW2011 SP5).

The error pops up on save, and asks that you save over the previous copy of each part. Its a worry, but we haven't yet lost any data.

Something made SW2011 extremely fussy about its network connection and google reveals this is an extremely common issue with no easy solution (but no recent reports, eveything dates fromlast year).


By fiddling with my kaspersky settings I managed to almost completely eliminate this from my machine (diavble file antivirus, put solidworks.exe in the trusted zone) - but it is still an issue on my colleagues machine despite duplicating all those settings.

Both are running win7 x64 with 8Gb ram with FX1700 graphics cards on the last certified driver. I updastes the network card driver  on the problem machine and disabled all the network card power save functions.

The only significant difference is the speed of the problem machines processor - slightly faster than mine (good pc is i5 750, bad pc is i5 2500). solidworks is running quite badly on the i5 2500 machine with many long pauses especially on opening and saving which I think is due to the network connection issues, but it also regularly hangs and crashes unlike the i5 750 machine.

I swapped the network wire from one machine to the other and the issue stays with the pc - so its not anything in the wiring between PC and server.



Has anyone who had this issue found it less of a problem in 2012? or found a solution to the problem?