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Show me what we can't do in SolidWorks annotation formatting

Question asked by Melissa Appel on Mar 23, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2012 by Matthew Lorono

Hi all,


After speaking with many customers about drawings, going through enhancement requests, and looking through the discussions here on the forums, it seems that we still have a ways to go with being able to display annotations (and dimensions) so that they look right for your needs. While we try to adhere to the standards, almost every company has its own "version" of the standards, and there are things that you need which we can't do (at least without a workaround or a block).


What I'd like to know from you is:


--> What can't SolidWorks do right now as far as formatting an annotation (or dimension)? <--


Please give me a photo or two if you can, and tell me what the workaround is, if there is one, and what you'd really like it to look like.


For example,


I want all my balloons to come in with parentheses instead of a circle around the item number. But the workaround in SolidWorks doesn't quite give me what I want for the look, and also it's not parametric.

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