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    Enterprise PDM check in and out

    Bobby Penland

      Can Enterprise PDM restricted the location that a user and/or machine checks files in and out of the vault? I am interested in an individual only being able to check files out of the vault to a secured location and not being able to transfer files to another unsecured location. Can this restricted access be applied to a computer with a hard drive or is a terminal required for the level of security?

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          Brian Dalton

          When a user checks out a file, they are not really checking it out to another location, in the sense of copying it to a different drive.  It's true that the PDM system copies the file from the vault to the user's 'local cache', but it only appears to them as a file in their vault view, and as such it is still under the control of EPDM.


          As far as them copying and pasting files to other locations outside of the vault, AFAIK there's no way to prevent it (as a function of Windows, not EPDM) without the use of third party software.  Search this forum or Google around to find something that would suit your needs.