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    Convert Sheet Metal part to DXF using Task

    Keren Dotan

      Hello All,


      According to SPR 552100, the Convert task add-in doesn't handle the case of exporting a sheet metal's flat pattern to DXF. Here is the explanation:

      "The problem is that the SW macro in the convert task relies on the SaveAs method - which cannot handle saving sheetmetal parts to DWG/DXF (see SPR 509284).  Task will fail with log error: 'The file 'C:\2010 SP4 Win7\SheetMetal\Part1.SLDPRT' and configuration 'Default' can't be converted to the file extension '.dxf'.'  A potential workaround is to use the ExportFlatPatternView method in the macro - but the task will still fail becasue it is not able to 'see' the generated file in the vault and add it."


      I wanted to know if any of you came across a work around, or maybe a customized add-in that can do that.