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    Error messages when trying to generate Aerodynamic test

    Claudio Forcolin

      I have created a SWx model of a model airplane for my high school design class, but I have been getting error messages when I tried to use both Flow Simulation and FlowWorks Xpress when trying to generate a simple aerodynamic test. I followed the procedures in one of the student tutorials. I used the same procedure in SWx 2009 and used a "wind tunnel" and everything worked perfectly in the older version of Swx.


      I also got an error message telling me that the inside face of the "wind tunnel" did not meet the fluid boundary when I selected it to start my simulation-the same method used in the older versions of SWx.


      I have included all the files used to create the simulation. Please help.


      Claudio Forcolin

      Technological Studies

      Bayview SS

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          David Harrold

          Hi Claudio,

          This is a common issue when setting up a flow model. Stick with it, I know you can figure it out (if you haven't already!)


          The issue is that solidworks can not determine which parts of your model are fluid and which are solid. Try using the "Check Geometry" button and then click "Fluid Volume" to show the fluid volume in your model, and click "Check" to show invalid contacts. This will show you what Solidworks has determined as the fluid volume, which may be different from what you think it should be. The most likely reason for this error is you have some invalid contact between surfaces in your model, or have components that are surface bodies rather than solid bodies. To get the correct fluid volume, start suppressing components in your model until you find the culprit. My guess: it's the line contact between the flap and the wing. Try adding a small offset there and you might be in business.