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    How accurate is the curvature display?

    Adam Meyer

      I'm working on a case for a medical device and noticing that when I knit surfaces together the curvature changes.  This makes me question the accuracy of the curvature display.  When I do a deviation analysis on the edge it comes back with 0deg so the edge is tangent.  I created intersection curves for each surface and then dispayed the curvature of the resulting splines.  There is a little jump at the edge.  Is this anything to worry about?

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          Jerry Steiger



          Knit does change surfaces a bit, but I am surprised that it made the change shown in your pictures. Are you still on SW2009, or is your profile not quite up to date? Can you adjust the knitting tolerance? If you can, you might try cranking it as small as it will go.


          I don't trust the curvature disply an awful lot. (I don't even trust the Draft Analysis.) I would trust the intersection curves and the comb lines more.


          What kind of surface finish are your parts going to have? If you are going for a mirror finish, then you might have problems. If you are going for a heavily textured finish then you probably won't. Try looking at with RealView, using Strip Lighting or Grill Lighting, or just use Zebra Stripes.


          Jerry Steiger