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    Graphics shuts off when opening or switching parts

    Tim Garner

      I have frequent system lockups that require a hard reboot.  It seems to only occur when opening or switching parts.  The screens just go black as the video signal goes away.  The CPU still seems to be running, but the keyboard does not appear to respond (hard to tell with no graphics).  The only way I have found to work is a hard power button for 5 seconds reboot.


      I have a Dell Precision 6500 with a dual-core i7 CPU with 8 Gbytes RAM.  The graphics is Nvidia Quadro FX 2800M.  I am running 64-bit XP.  I use a docking station with two screens at work, and the laptop by itself at home.  The problem happens both places, possibly worse at home.  We have other people using the same V11 SW on the same hardware with no problem.  My machine only appears to crash when running SolidWorks, and then only when opening or switching parts.  It is hard to believe it is hardware related, but possible I suppose.


      Is anyone else having this issue?  This is a serious issue, causing as many as 6 crashes a day.