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    Am I the only one using COSMOS Motion????

    Tom Rice
      Well I guess it says something thet this is the only topic in this category!!!

      I use it and it will do a lot of things that can't be accomplished with standard SW functionality.

      It seems the user interface is way behind the core SW products and when I ask VARs about training it seems practically no one offers it. I'm in Atlanta and had to go to Minnesota to get training!!!

      It really seems to be the red headed step child of the product line.

      Perhaps there is'nt enough of a user base for the developers to spend resources on it. It's a shame; especially since we spent like $10K for it!
        • Am I the only one using COSMOS Motion????
          Bruce Buck
          We would LIKE to use it more. But, one I don't have any training in it; I've just tinkered with it. Two, Because I don't have training I can't seem to use our fully detailed assemblies with it. Too many parts, and too complex I guess for it to be able to automatically detect all the connectors, springs, etc. Everytime I talk to my VAR he keeps saying how I need to simplify the assembly. It'd be nice to be able to just take an existing design and analyze it without too much fuss, rather than having to figure out how you're going to simply it in order to represent the design in a similar fashion.

          Same thing here regarding training, seems really hard to get/schedule training for any COSMOS products.