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    Matching Data Card Rev to Document History Rev During Increment

    James Imes

      Hi Folks,  we have set up a flow that allows a "first-article" SolidWorks to come in as a rev later than A to keep historical parts coming from AutoCad / Desktop & then converting them to SolidWorks so rev lineage is intact.


      To do this we use the "Increment" function that allows you to increment the rev forward & the new SolidWorks file then matches the needed rev.  History, SolidWorks Files & Data Card are all in unison at the targeted rev.


      On our 2D schematics that will stay AutoCad within PDM, our rev letter is part of the file name & if we keep the convention,  we are actually bringing a new file into PDM so we wish to use the Increment function here as well, but in the above procedure,  the Data Card rev is actually coming from the Custom Properties field of the model.


      With a dwg file & no Custom Properties field to push the rev letter for the Data Card,  what can be done to get the rev letter in the Data Card to match the history of the Increment function ?

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          Tim Webb


          Unless I totally missed your point (which may be), why is the goal to keep the Rev in the filename convention? That would totally derail your EPDM implementation.


          It sounds like your Revision variable in EPDM also needs to be mapped to the "Attributes" rather than custom property for dwg extensions. Then creating a title block with attributes and use one of them as the Revision. It will need to be pushed out to the data card.


          I hope I have understood. This is how I do it.

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              James Imes

              Thanks Tim for your reply !!  it looks like 2D schematics will probably be around for awhile & they will stay in AutoCad format but we wish to manage them inside of ePDM.  Holding our older convention is being considered which would have the rev letter kept in the file name.


              All of the AutoCad drawings were migrated into PDM & they all have a rev letter in them now so visually, it would be counter-intuitive to have the latest file not have a rev letter in the file name & that's why we're considering keeping the convention.


              That was the reason for the post to see if it's possible to have the datacard rev follow the increment without having a SolidWorks file set that had the custom properties to get the rev from.


              This would only be for AutoCad drawings for the schematics but not the SolidWorks files & I didn't know whether a special work flow could be set up or a title block for AutoCad drawings (as you mentioned above) that could be used to get the rev to correlate on the datacard after the increment function was used.


              The increment function was set up to get legacy dwg (mechanical) into SolidWorks & have it come in as a rev later than A.  Only a handful of individuals have the privilege here as it's done in released state so they didn't want it to be for all users.


              Would appreciate further elaboration on your ideas above,  thanks again !!