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      I'm having the same problem working with some organic shapes for ankle brace designs. One of my parts ballooned from 15mb to 250mb within 4 saves, without much change to the history tree. It's crippling.

      I called my VAR tech support, and was told this is becoming a common issue. He did not have any idea if this would be addressed in the next service pack. I hope we get feedback on a fix from SolidWorks soon, as this could really cripple my business with some of my clients. Otherwise, I will be switching back to SW2006.

      Tony Parker
      Avance, LLC
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          I'm using surfacing primarily to create mold components. My problem is that, for some reason, the size of the file I'm surfacing ends up ballooning out to several hundred meg, from usually only a dozen or so, originally. Save As will often reduce this size by roughly half, but not always.

          I brought this up to Solidworks with the first file I experienced this with, and the response I got was that the file wasn't eliminating ghosted operations when I left the file. I wasn't given a solution for having this not occur again.

          It isn't that I can't work with the files when this happens, but when I save, I might as well go get something to drink and come back some time later.

          Has anybody else experienced this? If so, how was it resolved, if it was resolved?
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              Floriano Filipe

              Sometimes I re-open my files then "save as...", and the file size is smaller...
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                Scott Miller
                I have had the same problem with a file that was once 5M. It's now over 600 megabytes. I complained to Solidworks and never heard a word from anyone. Our local reseller told me to re-save under a different name. OK, well now I can get it down to 300 Megabytes. That's supposed to make me happy? It has caused crashes on my system, even though I have 2GB of memory. I've told several people that 2GB of memory should never have been recommended as a mimum by Solidworks. It should be a minimum of 4 GB. But of course that might hurt sales...

                I'm sort of glad to see I'm not the only one, but I am under the impression that it's one of those things SW will hope will go away if they just ignore it long enough. Wrong.
                By the way, everyone I ask about defrag says, "Don't do it!"
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                  Brian Hoerner
                  I use ecosqueeze, but, SW doesn't support it. I have seen some warn against using this utility, but I have been using it for almost a year with no issues. Cuts the file in about half, a bandaid but at least it's something. SW does need to get this one fixed.

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                    SolidWorks Corp

                    Microsoft hot fix to reduce file size will be installed with 2007 SP3.0

                    Please note that the Microsoft hot fix required to reduce file size will be installed by default when SolidWorks 2007 SP3 is applied. This hot fix was decribed in the following January 2007 Channel News article:

                    When will the hot fix be available from Microsoft to reduce file size in SolidWorks 2007 SP1 onwards?

                    Using SolidWorks 2007 SP1 or newer in conjunction with the hot fix from Microsoft will, in many cases, reduce file size. Models with many configurations typically show the largest reduction in size when saved. However, please note that this hot fix will NOT result in a reduction in the size of all files.

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                    OJ Bailey
                    I have been having a similar problem, my part files had grown to 377mb and rising which was causing a strain on our network and PC's.
                    I recieved a file from my VAR and from Solidworks which fixes the problem I had.
                    some solidworks files are not releasing memory so the file keeps growing. If you save as the file halves in size but this is not a solution.
                    What the macro does is rename the features in the feature tree then rename them back, then save the part. A 257mb file reduces to 20mb (complex part)
                    I tried to post the file on eng-tip but it all my posts were removed???
                    Hope this helps cos it helped me.

                    To use the macro:
                    Unzip the file
                    Open the part file in SolidWorks (it should be the only active part file and should not be read only)
                    From Tools-Macro-Run browse to the file SPR341510.swp and click OK The macro will update the file and save it.
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                      Jay Greenfield
                      Thanks! This macro brought my 126MB weldment back to a manageable15MB...