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STILL interested in mechanical engineering

Question asked by Brian Baker on Oct 6, 2011
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Hi all 
I posted a question for all the ME's about 6 months ago about going back to school as an adult. Since that time I have determined that out of the the 2 schools I applied to University of Pitt. in Johnstown is to far (about an 1.5 hour's away) and the other school Penn State New Ken. actually dropped the whole program altogether. I missed getting into that program by one semester since Pitt was my first choice. The other school's in this area do not really have a real ME program. One of the main reason's I am not able to attend school is my employer first said he would be very flexible to me attending school and when I was scheduling classes and about ready to go he backed out and informed me that he could not reschedule me at all.


My question would be does anyone have any suggestions?  There is not really any online schools that are ABET accredited, and I am open to suggestion's at this point. I would love to become an ME but would not rule out a drafting mechanical drafting job at this point. I would just really love to find a better career designing.