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    Graphical Artifacts when rotating Part Model

    Fred Ansaldi

      I've come across this issue where graphic artifacts are rendered when working with a part model and an assembly.  I get the following screenshot with what looks like a "crystaline" structure when I rotate the part:





      I can click to the other screen and the actual part re-appears.  So to fill in some details.  I'm using Solidworks 10 SP 4 with Nvidia Quadro 3800 video card.  I think i have a fix for this but wanted to see if others have this problem and have already solved it....



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          Fred Ansaldi

          btw,  this is what the actual part should look like:



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              Deepak Gupta

              Check if the graphics card is compatible with SW. If yes check if you have the latest drivers.


              With no file open go to Tools > Options > Performance and select "Use Software OpenGL". Check the results.

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                  Fred Ansaldi

                  We verified that the Nvidia Quadro FX3800 Card is compatible with SW.


                  Here's what we found.  I'd like to get feedback if others have seen this issue or have run across this solution.


                  We're currently using SW 10 SP 4.  The assembly was created in an earlier version of Solidworks (either 2007 or 2009).  Material Properties were applied to specific parts.  When these part models are opened along with the assembly model,  we were able to get the artifact to show itself when rotating, zooming the part model.  When we clicked back to the assembly model window,  the part model would regenerate back to its "correct" view and the artifact went away.  Once we started "handling" the part model again,  (rotating, zooming)  we would get the same artifact.


                  **** FIX ****  By removing the material properties to the part model,  saving the file,  then re-applying the same material properties within SW 10 SP4,  we were able to get rid  of the artifacts when "using" the part model.  It seems as if SW 10 SP4 doesn't handle materials applied from prior versions of SW correctly and generates these wild looking artifacts. I didn't check yet but is this a current bug or has it already been dealt with in future SP and Versions of SW?

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                      Lenny Bucholz

                      have you updated the drivers that support SW10? have you tried with realview on and off? does it do this with just the part model open only or when you have alot of parts and assemblies open? do you have alot of other programs running in the backgroud that suck memory from the graphics card? all thease things make this type of thing happen. have you changed to a different version of windows?