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    what would cause...

    Michael McKee

      what would cause, when you right-click on a file to view, check-out, etc., the selection box show up on the opposite screen in a dual-screen set-up? i have updated the video driver, to no avail.

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          Stephen Lapic

          I had this problem as well.  I turned in a help desk ticket to our IT group.  They weren't too sure about it so a couple of them showed up and I had to demonstrate the problem.  Well they played around on my computer for a while but they got it fixed.  As weird as it sounds here is what they did.  They told me that basically, they changed it back to one monitor.  Then they moved my monitors, physically.  The one on the right is now on the left on my desk.  Then they switched it back to a dual monitor using the new left and right positions and it works.


          I hope this helps.