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    SW2011 - Slow mating

    Steve Dow

      Anyone else having issues with terribly slow mating in large assemblies in SW2011? I'm on 64bit Win 7, 6G ram, nVidia FX1800.


      Looking for setting changes or anything that might help.




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          Nick Goodrum

          Will this help?

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            Josh Brady

            First, turn the setting Nick showed to "off".


            Next, make sure you aren't putting too many mates in your assembly.  If you get up close to 200 in any assembly, try and see if you can use subassemblies to reduce the number of top-level mates.


            Then, go to Matt Lorono's site and download all the mating macros by handleman (coincident, concentric, parallel, and distance).  Map those to shortcut keys.


            The reason mating gets so slow is that when you make selections, SW evaluates them to see what mates are valid for the selections you made.  As your assembly grows, SW takes longer and longer to do this evaluation.  95% of the time (or greater) you want a simple mate, and you know yourself ahead of time what type of mate you want.  You don't need SW to sit there and decide which mates it'll let you do.  The macros will add the mates quickly - no animations, no analysis, just mates.  Fast.

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                Malcolm Cook

                Thanks for the links Josh: will have a look.


                In answer to the original question: it's not just you! Solidworks have admited its a bug and have provided an SPR as "critical" so hoped to see it fixind imminently. It seems to be perculiar to large assemblies only: by "Large" I mean to assemblies that take up a big space rather than have a large number of components in.


                "The time taken to add mates between the two faces pre-selected in SW 2010 was about 12 seconds and in SW 2011 it was 23 seconds. We have confirmed this as regression and referred the issue to the Development team with reference as SPR 590652 "


                My times are a little different to this: more like 3 seconds in 2010, 30 seconds in 2011. Either way its killing my productivity.


                If you want to see this fixed quickly: search for "590652" in the knowledgebase in the customer portal: select "notify me when this is resolved" and you will be added to the SPR.


                I'm suprised the forum didn't light up with this one...

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                Daymon Hoffman

                OK this partly explains my troubles recently.  i thought there was something wrong.  But also it eludes to something else also being wrong because it doesnt fully explain other issues i'm having.


                i recently re-visited an old assembly i made back in 1998-2000.  Back then i could dynamically move this rather large assembly containing~700 parts and numerous sub assemblies of which many had flexible sub assembly options enabled even on multiple sub assembly levels.  Back then it all seemed to at least work when you dragged components (think car suspension and steering).


                Now i've revisited the assembly to try and update it and "clean" it up a bit and try to get a better dynamic motion visual.... and it just WILL NOT do it.  Takes FOREVER to move after you click to drag and thats if you're lucky enough that SolidWork's thinks you can move the parts even tho you've mated them technically correct etc. It jus twon't play ball.  Very frustrating.


                I got jack of it and opened up a backup of the old assembly and to my suprise it dynamically moves far better then the newly created ones.  Its got me stumped!  But no doubt this has something to do with it.



                SWCorp really need to fix their mating issues.  It really is a joke.  They are far from solid and reliable... hell they aren't even predictable and thats the whole reason for their existance in the first place!  *head shake*

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                  Tim Dunbar

                  Any resolve in sp 3 with this?  I've been dealing with this issue since December and I really hope Solidworks can fix this. 

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                    Scott McFadden


                    The only thing I see about your system specs that might be suspect is

                    your memory amount.  I was running 12 GB on 64 bit XP with 2010 and

                    it ran fine.  I know different OPS and version but try adding more memory.

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                      Tim Dunbar

                      I just upgraded to sp 3.0 an still no resolve.

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                        Matt Lombard

                        I'm having some problems with an older assembly (2007) where I have recently added some in-context references. Now the incontext part shows a perpetual rebuild symbol, and adding or even reordering mates causes the whole thing to rebuild, which takes about 30 seconds. I'm using SW11 sp3.

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                          Tim Dunbar

                          Okay I received a large assembly from an outside source that was drawn up in solidworks 2011.  This assembly is using some of our companies components that I've drawn up here in house.  I am not seeing the slow mating in this assembly.  I did a little testing, I brought a large assembly file (35mb) into an empty assembly and mated it up, that took 30 seconds per mate.  I then brought that same 35mb file into the "good" assembly i recieved from an outside source, which also has a different 30mb file in it, and it mated right up with no wait time.  So maybe we can narrow it down a little further with that info?  Maybe it's my assembly template I'm using?   So after typing this I went to the solidworks standard template and brought the 35 mb file in and it mated right up.  It looks like it has something to do with the template's.  I'm going to investigate further, but if you have time to look into it then i would go that route.

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                            Tim Dunbar

                            Definetly templates on my end.  I can bring a "slow" assembly into a new assembly template, edit the "slow" assembly and everything is fast and smooth.  Open that "slow" assembly up by itself and it's slooooooow.  So work around for now is to just take the top level and put it into a new assembly template.

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                                Kelvin Lamport

                                Tim, do you mean an .asmdot type template?


                                If you do, can you post the old and new for comparison?

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                                    Tim Dunbar

                                    Okay this may be some sort of twighlight episode.  Yes I was talking about the .asmdot file, once I figured out that was the cause and created my new assembly templates, I deleted my old ones.  Then you asked for the template files, so i went into my backup and restored the template files and now they work just fine.  My head is spinnging right now, 4 months of trying to get rid of this and now I can't recreated it!  I've done a pack and go on an assembly file that has this issue.  There is supposed to be 2 full assembly doors in here, but do to file size i left them out.  You can still see the delay in mating, now imagine it being 10x worse with the two large files included.  Now if you put this assembly file into higher level assembly and edit it, there won't be a problem.  S211024A01.SLDASM is the highest level assembly

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                                    Wayne Tiffany

                                    What happens then if you dissolve that assy in the new assy?  Does the problem reappear?  Maybe it's an issue not with templates, but with the other mates that are already in that assy.  Putting that assy into another one forces all those mates one level down and out of consideration.  But then you mention editing that assy inside the new upper assy and still seeing a difference.  I wonder if existing mates are being considered differently in the two scenarios.  Do you see the same overall situation with an assy with only a few mates?



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                                    Tim Dunbar

                                    Okay in my .asmdot file i've created some custom properties, one of those is the material.  Well there isn't a material in an assembly file, I think when I created these templates I just used the same properties between the .prtdot & .asmdot.  This custom propertey has never caused as issue before upgrading to 2011.  So this is what is causing the problems, once I delete the "material" row in my old assembly files everything runs smooth.

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                                      Nick Hudson

                                      right click the assemblyname and select "suspend automatic rebuild"- mates go instant then

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                                        Malcolm Cook

                                        Hi Guys


                                        Thanks for all of your input and suggested solutions: Sadly none of them worked for me: the delay is in waiting for the mate dialogue box to appear in a large (i.e. nearly 1 km, not thousands of components).


                                        Just in case you missed it: This is a known bug INTRODUCED IN 2011!!!!


                                        "The time taken to add mates between the two faces pre-selected in SW  2010 was about 12 seconds and in SW 2011 it was 23 seconds. We have  confirmed this as regression and referred the issue to the Development  team with reference as SPR 590652 "


                                        SO the best thing you can do is:


                                        1) Search for the above spr in the knowledgebase and select "notify me when this is fixed". This will add weight to the fix urgency. It is already clasified at "critical".

                                        2) Get in contact with you VAR. Give them this SPR and the link to this thread and get them to jump up and down on thier most useful solidworks rep until you get a response from them. Not having this fixed immediately is not acceptible: it is killing productivity and apparently putting jobs at risk. Don't let them sleep until action is taken.

                                        3) (optional) Complain a lot. It doesn't help at all but its cathartic . Tea is always soothing.

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                                          John Matrishon

                                          We finally just moved SW2011 sp3


                                          after just witnessing this myself, I tried the insert into a new assembly, and dissolving it.  This made it work just like expected, and time lag went away.  The computer itself if it's older and 32bit vs newer and 64bit is a huge difference, but not enough where it can be justified as a hardware issue.  It also was not a large assembly, but did have a complex imported "dumb" solid in it.


                                          Has anyone found out the "why" behind the reason inserting into a new assembly and dissolving would "clean" the issue?


                                          Bizarre, and I've seen a lot of weird things in my 15 years using SolidWorks....

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                                              Don Vanzile

                                              It sounds like something became corrupt with the assembly file if starting a brand new assembly, then dissovling fixes it.  I bet that toggles or resets something with the file.  I have yet to experience this issue but I hope some of these file were sent off to vars for Solidworks to investagate further.

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                                              Nathan Gustafson

                                              I have a mating issue when I ctrl + click on the two items I want to mate. The cursor with a green box pops up and it lags. But if I click mate first then select the items it goes fine. Is this what you all are talking about? 

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                                                Keith Parker

                                                Steve - I've got a reply to SPR 590652 that says it's been 'Implemented'.  Great news, but the report says that the implementation is in 2012 Beta, NOT 2011.


                                                Surely this is important enough to get into 2011.  Didn't have time to check who raised the SPR but it would be good for that person to raise a big fuss, if possible, to get this into 2011.


                                                Rant over.



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                                                    John Layne

                                                    Looks like it will be fixed in 2011 SP5.0 refer https://forum.solidworks.com/community/general/blog/2011/09/10/solidworks-support-monthly-faq--september-2011


                                                    What is scary about this is, we are talking SP5 here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                                    Why would any company want to install SolidWorks on an early service pack if SolidWorks can't fix critical bugs like this until SP5?

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                                                        Chris Michalski

                                                        okay, I know this was 6 months ago, but...


                                                        I use 2007 on a daily basis because 2009 is so much slower to work with (especially this issue of mates taking 2-3 minutes each).  I timed it out in a meeting with our CTO and he agreed that a reduction of 75% productivity due to lost time was unacceptable.  A sister division upgrades as soon as they become available so now I'm going to be forced to upgrade to 2011 (at least one of my 3 desktop machines).


                                                        Is this "bug" fixed?  I've seen a smilar comment elsewhere that you should wait until SP5 to upgrade any of the SW packages.  I'd stick to 2007 for daily work and 2009 for simulations based on performance comparisons.


                                                        Am I going to go bald an develop an ulcer from pulling my hair out on the extra coffee breaks?  We used to joke about AutoCAD having two different buttons "Redraw" and "Refresh" as a gimick, one meant I need to clean this up, the other meant I need a refill on my coffee.

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                                                            Tim Dunbar

                                                            Yes I found a fix, i replied above....



                                                            Okay in my .asmdot file i've created some custom properties, one of those is the material.  Well there isn't a material in an assembly file, I think when I created these templates I just used the same properties between the .prtdot & .asmdot.  This custom propertey has never caused as issue before upgrading to 2011.  So this is what is causing the problems, once I delete the "material" row in my old assembly files everything runs smooth.




                                                            Yes those are the properties I am reffering too.  Here is a screen shot, row 8 is my material propertey.  Now I don't have to remove the entire row, I only have to remove the "value/text expression" equation.  Once I remove that solidworks is not trying to figure it out.

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                                                        John Disher

                                                        Found a hotfix for 2011 SP4 in response to SPR590-652.

                                                        I applied the patch and opened my assembly.

                                                        I applied two path mates and did a rebuild.

                                                        My assembly looks like it was hit by a missle.

                                                        I unloaded the hotfix and went back to the original suggestion here.

                                                        Start a new assembly and insert the top level assembly into it.

                                                        Mating seems much faster albeit still slower than SW should be able to handle.

                                                        Still waiting for a proper fix...