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    Yellow plus symbol higlighting file

    Mac Baker
      We're wondering what this symbol is indicating.
        • Yellow plus symbol higlighting file
          Mathew Stevenson
          Files can be shared within SolidWorks Enterprise PDM database (EPDM). Use this feature for incidents when files need to be used within more then one location and all information will always be the same.


          Shared files exist in two or more folders concurrently. Shared files are marked with a yellow plus-sign in the icon in the Explorer view.

          Method of use:

          Check-out a shared file from any location to check out all instances. Check-in the file to save modifications to the vault and to all instances of that file will check-in automatically. Only one user at a time can check-out a shared file.

          To share a file using Paste Shared:

          1. Right-click (R.M.C.) the file to be shared and select Copy.
          2. Right-click (R.M.C.) the destination folder and select Paste Shared.

          To share a file using Share Here:

          1. Right-mouse-click (R.M.C.) and hold the file to be shared and drag it to the appropriate folder.
          2. Select Share Here from the displayed menu.

          Note: Although it is possible to paste shared SolidWorks assemblies, it is not recommended as it can create problems with check in and check-out.

          Note: When modifying a shared file, only modify the file from the same location that was checked-out as even thou the file will show it's been checked-out throughout the database, only the location it was checked-out can be modified. All other incidents will open read-only.

          *If the source file being shared is checked out, the new instance remains checked out and in the same state as the original.

          Note: When deleting all incidents except for one and all have been destroyed, only then will the yellow plus-sign disappear from the file icon.