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How to link (1) external sketch dimension with model dimension?

Question asked by Nick Herron on Sep 8, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2011 by Nick Herron

Attached is a picture. The picture on the left is a single SW sketch with driven dimensions. I would like to link sketch dimension 28.465 to the dimension on the right (6.0000..). These two components are seperate files. I tried exporting an equation from the sketch and importing the equation "text" file into the model equation, but it gave me the exact equation (e.g. "D2@Sketch3"). Dimension 6.000 is a "boss" so the name doesnt even match. I do not know how to write macros, so thats out of the question. And I dont want to create a skeleton sketch in an assembly and create a part within the assembly (with sketch) because our current part numbering system does not allow us to do this comfortably (in my opinion) because parts a shared with other assemblies. im sure people have had the same question and hopefully someone can provide me with some help. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.