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Creating a Skewed Arch

Question asked by Paul Mc Nulty on Aug 22, 2011
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I have recently started using SolidWorks to speed up the time it takes me to build a skewed arch in Abaqus. I have attached a drawing showing how I build my skewed arch in Abaqus (the straight edge model - part (b) in the drawing). This took a lot of time, as each of the blocks had to be created individually given that each block is shaped slightly differently. Therefore I was looking for your opinion on the fastest way to build this model in SolidWorks. So far I think my best bet is to create a 2D sketch of one of the blocks, and then perform a swept boss on it at the desired angle of skew. However, this doesnt seem to be very fast, as I think I have to perform the swept boss for every single block individually, instead of sweeping them all in one go. Does anyone have any better ideas on how to build this model?


I would really appreciate any help.


Paul Mc Nulty

Queen's University Belfast