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    Print Task Printing Wrong Paper Size

    Jared May

      I have setup the print task addin for users to batch print their SolidWorks drawing files.  It prints perfectly except that it prints on A size paper no matter what size the user selects.  we mostly print on B size paper.  I have set this to the default paper size.  It still prints on A.  The screenshot shows my settings.  Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone know of a solution?Capture.JPG

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          Lee CS Young

          I had this problem and I fixed it by editing the macro using the advanced scripting dialog in the task:


          Set swPageSetup = swModel.PageSetup
          ' Printer 
          printer = GetPrinter( [__printer_defpapsize] )
          If Len(printer) = 0 Then
              If Len(docCfgOrSheet) > 0 Then
                  If docType = swDocDRAWING Then
                      Log "Could not print document '" & docFileName & "' and sheet '" & docCfgOrSheet & "'. No printer was selected."
                      Log "Could not print document '" & docFileName & "' and configuration '" & docCfgOrSheet & "'. No printer was selected."
                  End If            
                  Log "Could not print document '" & docFileName & "'. No printer was selected."
              End If
              Exit Sub
          End If
          '************* lyoung *************
          swPageSetup.PrinterPaperSize = 17
          swPageSetup.PrinterPaperSource = 7
          swPageSetup.ScaleToFit = False
          swPageSetup.Orientation = swPageSetupOrientation_e.swPageSetupOrient_Landscape


          The last 4 lines are the ones I set.

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            Tim Webb



            I'm not sure if this helps but I have seen the same thing and a few others. Here's what I have done to fix things:


            <Printer Names>

            The next issue is the printer name. If all designers have a common printer (e.g. “\\Stw-lpd1\Xerox WorkCentre M45 PCL6” ) then everyone’s printer must be configured EXACTLY THE SAME with case sensitive printer names. We had a couple machines with the printer configured as \\stw-lpd1\Xerox WorkCentre M45 PCL6 and the Print Task would fail. Notice the printer name itself is exactly the same but the server name is a mix of upper/lower case.


            I don't know why BUT configuring each machine exactly the same with case sensitive DNS name seems to have solved the issue. We then configure each Task Host machine’s printer settings for 11 x 17 and Landscape for our drawing prints. This makes no sense but it did fix the issue.


            <Paper sizes>

            From my drafting days, these were the paper sizes:


            • A (letter): 8.5 x 11 inches
            • Legal: 8.5 x 14 inches
            • B (ledger): 11 x 17 inches
            • C: 17 x 22 inches
            • D: 22 x 34 inches
            • E: 34 x 44 inches


            However, the system seems to think A = 8.5 x 10 and C=11 x 17. Something is wrong the paper size list but setting the paper size to C-size seems to fix it.


            Good luck.


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              Tor Iveroth

              Hi jared,

              the EPDM print task can some times have problem selecting proper printer or size. Check out knowledge base solution S-050030 for workaround that might help you.


              -Tor iveroth, EPDM support.