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Advanced UI in AddIns

Question asked by Bnaya Livne on Aug 16, 2011

Hello every one,

Currently my AddIn use a taskpane with UserControl object in it.

I would like to use PMP and more.

  1. My addIn creates few custom files, and before he does that, it asks the user where he would like to save it using the .NET FolderBrowseDialog. When I try to use FolderBrowseDialog in PMP I get an error, exactly as this guy had. But I don't want to use ActiveX. Is there a API function to do that like  GetOpenFileName can be used instead of the FileOpenDialog?
  2. How can I open a new window with settings (or other content) from my AddIn? It can be custom UserControl or SW UI like the PMP (but in a new window), I prefer UserControl so I have more flexibility.


Best Regards,

Bnaya Livne