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    Dimensioning on Sketch plane normal to a surface.

    Albert Brain
      I have a hole pattern on a surface or side that I need to start. I have placed the first tapped hole in the upper left hand corner. What I need to do is to dim. this hole then change the dim to move the hole. SW won't allow me to change the dim. I need to mention that this face is on a 20 deg angle. Any suggestions? Thanks.
        • Dimensioning on Sketch plane normal to a surface.
          Anna Wood

          Zip the file into an archive and post it here so we can see what you are trying to do.

          If the surface is planer, select the surface/face/plane first then invoke the hole wizard command. You will get a 2D sketch rather then a 3D sketch. Most likely what you really want and easier to dimension.

          If you invoke hole wizard first you get a 3D sketch to work with.