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    Flow Simulation Performance

    Chris DiSalvatore

      In a recent attempt to run a fluid flow model to determine delta pressure, the solver did not appear to produce any pressure difference data. The results were all very close to 14.7 psi, where I was able to get 100+ psi results with the same model before. Its seeming like there's some accumulation in the program limiting the resources, since I have dome many runs on this same model. Has anyone run into this problem by chance, and if so, do you know what can be done to resolve it? Thank you.

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          Chris Michalski

          Chris -


          I have seen something semi-similar in the past.  I had a geometry set under intensive flow simulation iterations that began ignoring geometry changes.


          At a certain point the solver would not update to changes to geometry.  I could clone the simulation, change some dimensions in the new configuration, generate the mesh and it was ignoring the new geometry in favor of the old.


          After the VAR attempted a solution SW Tech Support Flow guys spent several weeks running various configurations and looking at data files and could not find the root cause but could recreate the issue.


          The only solution was when things stopped updating to generate a completely new file.  My problem is I was attempting to do batch simulations so you didn't know if the entire batch was bad or when things went awry.


          Hopefully your model is relatively easy to recreate in a new file.


          This was quite some time back but I think I had to create a new assembly in a different folder and recreate all of the Flow parameters.  My problems seemed to happen somewhere in the 40-50 configuration range if I recall correctly.


          Hope this helps.



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              Chris DiSalvatore

              Thank you, Chris. This is sounding pretty close to the kind of problem I'm having with it. Creating a new file looks like what I'll need to do. Not a particularly simple model, but doable without too much trouble. I appreciate the response. 

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                Chris DiSalvatore

                Hey Chris .. just thought I'd let you know that I created a new model and deleted the previous. At first, I still got the same response, where the pressure result stayed at 14.7 psi thru all the iterations, but after the 2nd run it seemed to go back to normal. I was wondering if by chance you saw a similar thing with your new model. I also contacted our solidworks reseller, and it sounds like they want to try the same thing they did with you. Unfortunately, we don't really have several weeks to wait for them to duplicate the problem and not find an answer, as I'm sure you probably didn't either. The initial results I got from the new model still concern me, but the program appears to function ok now. At this point though I'm not sure whether or not repeated runs on one computer, even with a new model, will accumulate problems that warrant a better soution.  I wonder if reinstalling the program may be of any help to get the kinks out, and/or a system recovery on the computer. I'll let you know how the programs performance is effected as time goes on. Thanks again for all the info.