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    Display Issue

    Jonny Eberle

      Does anyone know of a way to get fix this display issue?  The structural members are showing through.  It is fine when I zoom in, but keeps showing up when I zoom out.  It also shows up in the drawings as well.

      Display issue.jpg

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          Jerry Steiger



          Sorry, no solution. It's been a problem for SW for as long as I have used it. (Coming up on 12 years now!)


          Jerry Steiger


          PS. I guess a little explanation might be in order. It has to do with how thin your covering part is. Apparently SW uses something like how many pixels thick the covering part is to decide whether it is flush with or in front of the part behind. When you are zoomed in close, the structural part is a lot of pixels behind the cover. When you zoom out, it is only a few and it starts to show through.


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            Alexandre Tetrault

            I have the same issue on a computer we just reinstalled.

            It wasn't doing before the reinstall. I found out that it does that only with the mouse scroll, but if you use this tool untitled.bmp it works. Our draftsman is mad because we reinstalled windows and everything on is computer and now it started doing that. If anyone as a solution it would be appreciated.


            System details:

            Windows Seven Professionnal X64

            Solidworks 2011 SP3.0

            Graphics card ATI FX3800 (with drivers up to date from solidworks website)

            6GB RAM Mem.





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              Kelvin Lamport

              Try using a Display State to change the structural members to just Shaded mode (not Shaded With Edges).