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    Question for SW UI people

    Kelvin Lamport

      How come some keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Grid, Origin) are toggles, but the really useful Isolate shortcut isn't?


      Where possible, could all the keyboard shortcuts be toggles?

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          Scott McFadden


          Fair point!!!  Why don't you submit it as an idea instead of placing this as

          a posting hoping someone from SW just happens to stumble on it.

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              Kelvin Lamport

              This was more of a general question for SW UI personnel. Not a specific request.


              I submitted an ER back in 2009-11-28 asking for a keyboard shortcut for the Exit Isolate function. SPR 540607 was raised and (thankfully) the keyboard shortcut was implented in SW2011-B1. In retrospect I should have been more specific and asked for a toggle.


              I'm OK with the shortcut as is, but just wondering why toggles aren't implemented as standard procedure.