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        Tom Helsley

        The E3-1275 looks like it is closer to the Core i7-2600K than the E3-1270.  Too bad Dell doesn't sell that one.



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          Eng Yeap

          Hi Guys,


          I am trying to build my next system at the moment an I am struggling with the Dell ordering system


          So I can build a Dell T3500 with Xeon W3690 3.46 Ghz, And Quadro 4000 graphics.


          Or I can build a Dell T1600 with Xeon E3-1280 3.50 Ghz, and Quadro 2000 graphics, don't know why I can't get Quadro 4000 with this.


          Should I go the the W3690 or the E3-1280 ?


          Does the Quadro 4000 really that much better then the Quadro 2000 ?


          I will be using Solidworks 2010, and will be working on a large assembly, say 3000 parts+


          And the E3-1280 is so new I haven't seen any benchmarks for it yet, please point me to some if I am wrong.


          Thanks all.

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            Charles Culp

            Save the money and just get the Quadro 2000. The Quadro 4000 isn't really for SolidWorks, unless you deal with truely massive assemblies (10k components). Maybe even then the 2000 is still enough. It's tough to say, and it is hard to measure.


            For regular modeling, the E3-2680 appears to be just as fast, if not faster, than the W3690. Which is a bit surprising.


            You can see benchmarks here:


            (or if you use Internet Explorer, go here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0AssNoiBTiyqGcHo3d1RwSWtDN0xBMjh5YkV5eHlUUHc )


            So which one to buy? Whichever is cheaper. This should be the E3-2680 with a Quadro 2000. I also suggest 16GB of ram to work with those 3000 components.

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              Craig Gilbreath

              I read through the entire thread and it looks like the processor should come with it's own heatsink.  Is this true?  I don't plan to overclock the Sandybridge (yet).  I just want to make sure the heatsink is included with the processor or is that something I need to buy seperate?

              My poor "BOX-STORE" off the shelf computer rebuilt the Anna Woods Benchmark in about 3.25 minutes... What a diference it will make to have the speed of a new "SW tailored" machine!


              Newegg is not carrying the case anymore.  Any suggestion on a comperable case with front facing USB and audio jacks?

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                Craig Gilbreath

                just saw the product specific details that heatsink and fan are included in the box...

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                  Paul Costales

                  I have not seen any benchmarks on the E3-1280 yet either, and I don't think the T1600 is shipping for a few more weeks still so it could be a bit before we see any benchmarks.


                  The T1600 has a pretty small power supply (320W) which may be why they only let you get the Quadro 2000 graphics card.  I'm sure the 4000 would be fine, but they want to configure their systems as stable as possible.


                  Since my company ships out T3500 with each product we sell, that is what I just got.  Even though I only got the W3550 chip and the Quadro 2000 card I am content with the machine, a big jump from the Core 2 Dou chip in my old Precision 390.  I added a 90Gb SSD which seems to help.


                  Sounds like the T3600 won't be out until Q4, but those rigs should have the sandy bridge chips along with bigger power supplies and quieter fans.

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                    Craig Gilbreath

                    Sorry for all the questions guys...

                    What is the purpose of the SSD as well as the secondary hard drive?  I assume the OS and SW would be loaded onto the SSD and library files would be stored on the secondary drive.


                    I am the only SW operator at my company.  Right now, I work over the network from the server.  Should I be storing locally and backing up to the backup drive attached to the server?


                    I could use some help with file maintanace but that is another thread... anybody have any suggestions on where I need to start reading to properly set up my data managment?  Im sure that topic has been covered here in the forums somewhere.

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                      Russ Johnston

                      Save your files locally and then use a program like AllwaySync (www.allwaysync.com) to backup/synchronize your data to a network location.  For a single user this setup would work great.

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                        Charles Culp

                        Your SSD vs HDD is correct, that is how I would set it up.


                        My company is going out on a limb, and just buying the 260GB SSD alone. I suggested against it, but they stuck with a single drive. But hey, I'm not IT.


                        I'm with Russ, work locally and sync. Also, consider upgrading to a gigabit router if you haven't already.

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                          Craig Gilbreath

                          We are on a NON domain "home" style network right now.  Will a 1GB router work in this environment?

                          My boss is the owner of the company.  He understands that the home-built option you spec'd here is worth the money.  I plan to upgrade to the V5800 graphics card and run 16 GB of ram.  Other than that, will probably build "as spec'd"

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                            Eng Yeap

                            Thanks Charles, but as far as I can see there are no benchmarks for the E3-1280 yet.


                            I'll take your advice and go T1600 + E3-1280 + Quadro 2000 for a low level CAD box, now if only Dell would spec decent SSD's

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                              Charles Culp

                              Yes, there are cheap 1GB routers, I have one in my home. I've always thought of D-Link as a good brand, but my most recent purchase of their 1GB router with -n wireless was a disappointment. I don't know why, but it keeps crashing about 1 in 3 days. Might be because of a bad cable modem signal. Anyway, you get what you pay for with that kind of thing. If you can live with the possibility of problems, then a cheap router is a resonable purchase (like me, and just about everyone else, at home).

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                                Craig Gilbreath

                                The case you spec'd here is not available...

                                I found this one


                                It is ATX.  Will it be adequate?

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                                  Charles Culp

                                  That will work, but it is expensive and "glowy".


                                  Maybe this one instead?


                                  • 74. Re: April 2011 Suggested Build
                                    Craig Gilbreath

                                    Thanks Charles,

                                    I went ahead and ordered the other "glowy" case... It has (2) 120mm fans and (1) 140 mm fan.  Front, Rear, and Top, respectivley.  I want as much air transfer as I can get for the money... the other case you suggested looked great but had only one fan.

                                    As far as those annoying blue glowy lights... I think i will just not plug them into the board, that is... unless they are part of the fans.  My cpu is under my desk anyway, so the light will be out of sight out of mind...


                                    Thanks.  For the suggestion... all my parts are on order from Newegg and our computer guy will put it all together once they get here.

                                    Anyone know how long actual shipping is from Newegg?  Are they pretty quick?  This is my first order from them.

                                    Once it is built and optimized and SW installed, I will run the punch holder benchmark are report what I come up with.  I am getting 3.25 min on my poor box-store machine now.

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