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    New Advanced Surfacing Certification Exam Available

    Mike Puckett

      SolidWorks Certification released a new Advanced Surfacing Exam last week during SolidWorks World. Since most of you here seem to really be into surfacing, you may want to give it a shot. Most of the content is taken from the advanced surfacing training maunal, and also some stuff from Matt Lombards surfacing book. If you attended the CSWP event at SolidWorks World you received a flyer, and on the back of that flyer was a code to take the exam for free before March 1st.

      Here are a few of the topics covered:

      Spline Creation
      Filled Surface
      Knit Surface
      Move Face

      ...And more

      Full details can be found at this link: Advanced Surfacing Exam HomePage

      Feel free to leave your feedback if you decide to give it a shot, and good luck!