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Keyboard Shortcuts

Discussion created by Sal Lama Employee on Mar 29, 2011
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For several years now, I’ve been conducting a hands-on session at SolidWorks World titled “Keyboard Shortcuts”, where I show attendees the ever growing list of out-of-the-box keyboard shortcuts in SolidWorks (I’ve got the current count at 115). The session usually fills up quickly, so I end up presenting it twice – which is good, because that means that 60 people get to participate instead of 30. I’ve always wanted to get this information into the hands of many more people, though, so I thought I’d start by sharing it here.


In the attached zip file, you’ll find several things:

1)      The PowerPoint file I used at SolidWorks World this year

2)      The PDF file of the hands-on exercises that I gave each attendee

3)      The SolidWorks files that accompany the hands-on exercises

4)      The Excel spreadsheet that I use to keep things somewhat organized


Please let me know what you think. If there are shortcuts that I’m missing, please share them here. Also let me know what you think about the Excel spreadsheet. It’s never seen the light of day, so the formatting is rather rudimentary, but I find it’s got the information I need so I can sort or filter on things I find relevant, such as all the shortcuts that work in Drawings, or all the shortcuts that use the “ALT” key. I’m always looking to improve this information, so your comments are welcome.