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    Managing Toolbox in EPDM

    Rodney Michels

      Hi All,


      We have currently purchase EPDM and are going through an evaluation\testing process before we go live.  I really want to take advantage of managing toolbox inside the vault, but I am running into a few concerns after setting it up to manage it. Do we have to keep the SWBrowser.mdb file local at all times?  If so, does EPDM "Get latest Version" when it sees a change?  Hopefully I give you all the info you need to help me figure what where I am going wrong.


      Admin Tool Setup:






      Folder Permissions


      I think that is all the information you need from the Admin Tool.  When I launch SolidWorks, I receive this message.


      Then trying to create a Hole Wizard Feature, I receive this message.


      I know it should get the database by itself, but it's not.  I can "Get Lastest Version" myself and check it out.

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          Joy Garon

          Hi Rodney -


          The mdb file gets checked into the  vault.


          I highly recommend looking at the online help, Installation and Administration guides.

          The new Toolbox integration is well documented.


          Best Regards,


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              Rodney Michels

              Thanks Joy for your response, but I know the install is proper, as it works fine on another machine.  I have reported to our VAR.  It seems to be something with my machine.  I have repaired, reinstalled both SW and EPDM, nothing seems to fix the problem.  What really funny is, when I select the plus symbol of Toolbox, from within the Design Library, it retrieves the database just fine.  Really wierd??