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    command mgr gone, later, corrupt file/can't save...

    Bonnie Caruthers

      I'm posting this here b/c it happened in a drawing but if I should move it elsewhere please advise...


      I have been having viewing/performance issues the last few days with this part/dwg (see previous posts) but they seem to be bug related to option settings.  Today, when I pulled up my drawing an entire section view was gone(!?) and I had to recreate. I also saw that my command manager was gone and just blank (this may have been last night - worked very late and the days just merge together).  I got toolbars back in place so I can work but no tabs.  Did some quick searches to see if others had this problem, found some threads but other than registry edit and/or reinstall I cannot get things back to normal.  The reg-edit referred to previous version (2009?) so did not want to do anything.


      THEN, a couple hours later, I got a pop-up saying dwg is corrupt and cannot be saved (have auto save every 10 minutes).  I saved as a different name, but could not pull that up.  I am assuming I will have to do a complete uninstall/reinstall which will take hours and I have a deadline of today on a project - obviously that will not happen.  I figured I would check here first for other suggestions, tips before after install.  I am very frustrated.  My problems do seem to be since I updated to sp2.0 which was just last week.





      sw2011 sp2.0

      win7 32