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    Custom property question

    Randy Ooms

      We need to have BOTH the Creator (Full Name), and the Creator (Initials) written to custom properties in our drawing files, and it needs to be static after that.

      I was attempting to use a dispatch as an "Add" event, but cannot get access to the proper special value.

      I can only find that value with static text put on a data card, but can't seem to find a way to write it to the file.


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          Faur Arama


          You may try something like in attached image. That's for full name. Author variable is attached to slddrw, sldam and sldprt files.Also in specific workflow you can add an automatic transition that sets the variable author on every files that enter in wf. In drawing template you can add a note containing "$PRP:Author" to display the full name of the author. For initials you can use the same solution, the difference is that you will use "User-Initials" not "User-Full name" in file data card.

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            Lucas Dexter

            Hi Randy,

                 I am not totally clear on your intent; but if the variable is set to a special value in the data card it should come through in the SW custom props during the 'add' process.  In fact, if there is a special value or anything specified in the static text box in the data card a custom property will be automatically created if it is not in the SW template already.  Give some more information on what you are trying to accomplish and maybe I can expand on this a little further.