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Coming soon to sp03...

Question asked by Ron Bates on Mar 4, 2011
Latest reply on May 24, 2011 by Paul Marsman

I wanted to share an upcoming sp03 enhancement with everyone.


Interactive performance for viewing dynamics (rotation/zoom/pan) when using the integrated preview, has been improved.  While performing view dyanmics, the refinement of the preview is capped in the same way it was in the previous standalone PhotoView product (and the same way it is in Modo).  The result is a slightly coarser, less refined image during dynamics, but with a much more interactive experience.  In fact, prior to this change, the viewing dynamic commands would cease to update the interactive preview until the viewing dyanmics stopped.  This was intentional since without this latest sp03 optimization, the continuous refinements were drastically slow.  This is why, if you rotate/zoom too quickly, the preview will just not update until you stop.  Now with this new enhancement, we can continue to update the scene for every mouse movement providing a much better experience.  Take a look at the comparison video.


If you're interested in trying this out before sp03 officially hits the street, I encourage you to sign up for the early visibility program, Sign up at