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    How can i control EPDM notification?

    Do Le Vu

      How can i control EPDM notification (change the content, the language)?

      Thanks very much

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          Raghavendra Bhagavan.S.M

          Hello Do Le Vu !


          Yes, it is possible to modify most of the static content of the notifications in Enterprise. The notifications are basically formatted HTML style messages with static text and various dynamic sections replaced by variables at runtime, such as the name of the file etc.


          It is possible to change the content of the notifications. Modify the default template (NotificationMsgTemplate_xx.csv) and update the vault database using the method seen in S-018024.


          Be careful modifying the content though especially if changing the layout as there are several variable sections that are expected in the template format.  Attached is a document that we provide to the localization team on how the default templates can be updated.


          Also, be aware that the templates may change when upgrading to newer version of Enterprise so any custom modifications would be replaced by the newer default templates when upgrading. Its also likely that new notification styles are added so if templates have been modified based on a certain Enterprise version its important to compare with changes made to the default templates in the newer version to ensure the "old" custom templates do not break any core notification functionality.


          Make sure to backup the vault database before making any updates.


          Also see the attached  Files for the procedure to modify the Message templates.


          Hope this helps !


          Cheers !



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