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    Creating hi-res screen grabs

      Recently one of our publishers ask me how they could get hi-res screen captures from SolidWorks.

      Here's how:

      The Procedure is how to get hi-resolution SW part and Assembly model views
      in hi-resolution tiff format.

      1) Position your view and assign a new view name "Render View".

      2) Initial a new drawing by clicking Menu>File>Create a new
      Drawing from Part (or assembly)

      3) Use the wizard to select the currently loaded part you want a
      drawing view of, use D size and deselect drawing template.

      4) Now use the View Palette in the Task Manager and scroll to
      the bottom and click drag the "Render View" to your drawing area.
      (don't use the isometric projection when asked.)

      5) Change the display style in the Property Manager to shaded
      or shaded edge and drawing Scale it to fill most of the drawing sheet.
      There are some subtle differences between the RealView part screen
      and the drawing view and some effects are not available like ground
      shadows and self shadows (these are GPU effects.)

      6) Once you've zoom it (sized it accordingly) click File>Save As
      and select the file type ".tiff"

      7) Now click the "options" button and you will get a dialog box
      with the default as "screen capture", change to "Print Capture" and save
      it to the desired DPI and paper size (large paper size, large the image
      resolution.) Warning SolidWorks could run out of memory and close if
      the image DPI and paper size is too big.

      8) Save file

      9) Below is shown opened up in Photoshop. Notice the Resolution.
      It was saved out of SW using a D size sheet at 200 dpi and the model sheet
      view was 4:1.