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    ListBox SQL statement get variable from data card or model card ?!

    Yann Le Dirach

      Hello everyone,


      I am facing with a probleme :


      1/ I create a modèle from model card which create a ProjectN° (from serialnumber). This model créate a ms project file with all informations from model card variable. Everything is OK

      2/When I create new files (docx, xlsx, cad files) I would like to linked them to the ProjectNumber. So I create a model card with variables (CompanyName) and a listbox which get me the list of my projectnumbers throuh a SQL Statement. OK.


      SELECT [ValueText]
        FROM [DBBE].[dbo].[VariableValue]
        WHERE [VariableID]=54  ' 54 is the IDnumber of my varibale

        GROUP BY [VariableID], [ValueText]
        ORDER BY [ValueText]


      Question :


      I would like to retrieve my projectnumber from a specific company name that I choose from a simple SQL listbox. For exemple :



      Do you know if is it possible ?