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    Hardware dependence for edit, rebuilt and save assy times.

    George Skribas

      I am starting to get really annoyed with the minutes i am waiting for an assy(mostly routing assys) to go to 1) edit route mode, 2) to exit route mode, 3) to rebuilt and 4) to save it. The time is not quite long, but also my assys are not that big yet. If i but i want to make a small upgrade if possible to minimize it.


      My pc is gettting really slow also when i am on edit route mode and 5) moving the mouse's wheel to zoom in.


      Are 1) to 5) times dependent to CPU clock speed or to HDD read / write speed or both? Of course an SSD would help to boot times, but would it help to all the above?Any opinion about 6.0Gbps Sata's?

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          Jerry Steiger



          I know nothing about the routing software, but 1, 2 and 3 should normally only involve your processor. 5 uses your graphics card. Only 4 would normally involve your HDD. Your HDD could get involved in the others if you are using too much memory to operate out of RAM and are hitting the disk for swap space. You can check to see if that is happening with the Windows Task Manager. See how much memory you are using and check for Page Faults. What OS are you running? How much RAM do you have? What graphics card are you using?


          Jerry Steiger

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            Scott McFadden


            When was the last time you did a system defrag or clean disk?

            I did it on mine and it does help.  Also I just got my system upgraded

            to have 12 GB of memory.  I know that will help with the crashes

            I have experienced lately with the large assemblies I have been opening.

            And that is with large assembly mode turned on and set high.

            So check your memory and see if you can get more.

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              George Skribas



              I am running on Vista 64 with 8GB of RAM DDR3 1333MHz, Core2 Quad overclocked to 3,2GHz and an FX Quadro 1700. My HDD is a velociraptor. RAM never hits the ceiling, i have checked and i regularly been checking the task manager.




              I regularly (once a week almost) do refragmenting so this may not be the problem as well. I never experienced crashes till i moved to 64bit a year ago.


              Probably, i dont want to admit tham my system is getting old, my assemblies bigger and my patience smaller


              By the way, I run into this just a few minutes ago.


              .....The Test

              The  performance test can be started from the Windows start menu / SolidWorks  <version> / SolidWorks Performance Test. Or it can also be  started in the Add-In tab for SolidWorks Rx.

                           - Force a rebuild [CPU]

                           - Rotate and zoom [Graphics]

                           - Open drawing [I/O w/Multi-Threading]

                           - Rotate and zoom [Graphics]

                           - Add sheet [CPU] & [Graphics]

                           - Add view [CPU] & [Graphics]

                           - Render (parts only) [CPU w/Multi-Threading]

              Results  for the performance test are stored in the My Documents \ SW Log Files  directory. The files start with SWPTResults1.txt and new tests have a  new filename (SWPTResults2.txt, SWPTResults3.txt, …)..........


              It gives a more clear view of the hardware dependence for certain tasks. It is written in this thread https://forum.solidworks.com/community/administration/hardware_and_os/blog/2011/01/04/solidworks-performance-test and verifies what you say guys.


              I think i am going for an upgrade and an Core i7-2600K processor.