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    Missing swtutorial.chm file

      When I try to run the tutorial menu in SolidWorks 2010 by going to Help > SolidWorks Tutorials the window "blinks" for a second and then nothing else happens.


      As per the following article: https://forum.solidworks.com/message/90933#90933 it would seem that the swtutorial.chm file is the issue. A search in the SolidWorks program files folder yields no results, so it would seem that there is no swtutorial.chm file in ANY language folder.


      ...just confirmed that it's nowhere to be found on the system drive either...


      Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't do the trick of fixing it. I'm using an administrative installer built by the SolidWorks license server, and the file appears to be missing accross all 30 machines we are installing the software on. The problem may be the installer itself, but at this point rather than troubleshooting that, I'd just like to get a copy of an swtutorial.chm file I can copy onto all the machines to get the tutorial functionality back.



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          Deepak Gupta

          Welcome to SW forums Derek.


          I have the file under \\SolidWorks\lang\english. Don't know why your's is missing.


          Attached is SW2010 swtutorial.chm file


          Also read this post for your future reference.Forum Posting

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              Well, your chm file helped. Now when I open Help > SolidWorks Tutorials it opens the help window, but there appears to be no data to display inside of it. Whatever file it's attempting to point to also does not appaer to exist on the machine.


              I'm contacting our vendor directly for further support. If I ever figure out what went wrong in the first place I'll append it to the end of this post.


              Thanks for all your help!


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                  Jerry Steiger



                  If you continue having problems, you might want to post this, or move it, to the SolidWorks Forums/Administration/Installation forum, as the folks who are active there are more likely to be able to help.


                  This is a shot in the dark by someone who knows next to nothing about the subject, but once you got the Help window to open up, do you have "Use SolidWorks Web Help" checked? I could imagine that if you have that checked on a machine with no web access that it wouldn't work very well.


                  Jerry Steiger

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                      It turns out that Windows was blocking the file from opening because it had been downloaded off the internet. As a security measure, Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 check against the SIDs of files like these to identify whether it has been created relatively locally.We've run into this issue before with scripts, Visual Studio projects, etc.


                      Right-clicking the file, selecting "Properties" and clicking the "Unblock" button essentially fixed the file on this machine.


                      As to why the file didn't get put on the machine during the install in the first place, that's still a mystery.


                      Thanks for the help!