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    Two System Option Problems

    Chris Dolejska
      In System Options I change the background color to light blue from the default gray gradient. But on restart of SW it goes back to default every time. How do you get this setting to "stick"?

      When using the crtl-8 keyboard shortcut for the "normal to" view it has always gone to that view in a timed motion of about 1 to 2 seconds. It swings to the view so you can see the spatial relationships. Now for some reason it's reset itself and it snaps to the "normal to" view instantaneously. So quick you can't see the spatial relations like which side you are looking at, back or front. How do you change this back to the timed movement?
        • Two System Option Problems
          Wayne Tiffany
          The first problem sounds like you are either crashing out every time, or you don't have write permission, which seems unlikey.

          The second one, go to Options/View and look at View Transition.

            • Two System Option Problems
              Chris Dolejska
              Okay, that fixed the view transition setting but the background color still won't stay set.

              These settings are both in system options and I made some other changes in there also. All the other changes stayed after a shutdown and startup except the background color.

                • Two System Option Problems
                  John Sweeney
                  Hi Chris,
                  The "background color" problem you describe sounds like an issue that we fixed in 2008 SP5.

                  The issue was caused by our "Welcome to SolidWorks" dialog for users who selected the:

                  "I am a new user. Show quick tips help to get me started" option...

                  Selecting the option above, flags you as a "new user" in the registry until the next major version of SolidWorks (HKCU/solidworks/solidworks 2008/general/userExperienceLevel). This "new user" flag was causing this particular issue.

                  Best Regards,