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    EPDM implementation

    Arun Garg

      Suggestions are welcome regarding how to start / implement the EPDM, our company is planning to go EPDM , we have no prior experience in handling EPDM, any suggestions how to get started, does the EPDM training enough to set it up right, when I say set it up right, that means the right nomneclature, structure, till now we were just saving everything and prehaps before I joined quite randomly. The goal for EPDM is now to make sure there are updation of drawings on revisions, ECR is taken care of in teh right manner and so forth. do we need consultants for implementation, like other softwares like SAP, thanks

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          Jeremy Schmidt

          It all kind of depends on your level of complexity, how familiar you are with PDM in general, and what you want to do with the system. EPDM is fairly easy to understand and doesn't take too long to get the hang of it.  So if you're only looking to check in and out files and have a three step workflow, I don't think you need any help.  However, if this is your first PDM system and you are looking to do more, I would highly recommend the help of a consultant.  There are many process issues to consider with long term implications.  I know there are lots of companies out there that can provide varying levels of support, but I would personally recommend BWIR.  Our company is currently using BWIR to aid our implementation process and I have nothing but good things to say about them.  Good luck!

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            Raghavendra Bhagavan.S.M

            Dear Arun,


            As Jeremy mentioned. The complexity of the implementation depends on what are the operational goals you would like to achieve through EPDM.


            I could be of help for more information with your implementation partners in india.


            mail me for more info at bhagavan@beacon-india.com




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              Clark Honzik

              It also depends on the amount of legacy data you need to migrate into EPDM. If you have years of SolidWorks files to bring in then I would also suggest the help of a consultant like BWIR.  With that being said you need to have an internal person that is managing the project that has a good understanding of the concept of PDM in my opinion.

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                Raguraman Thulasiraman

                At the outset i thank both Jeremy and Clark for recomending BWIR as a implementation partner.




                With respect to EPDM implementation, i would recommend to take a help of consultant like us to provide you the best practice and industry standard EPDM implementation. You may required an initial assessment to study your As-Is and understand the existing GAP and you can get a recommendation from us to go forward on the To-Be. It's not just you can install the EPDM and do some kind of check in and check out of the files. You may need to configur the work flows, capture your ECN process, migrate the data from your legacy system to EPDM, integrate EPDM with CAD and ERP systems if needed, configuring your data cards and so on..


                We would be happy to support you and be part of your EPDM implementation. Do let me know if you have any clarificaiton.