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    'Exit Sketch' Symbol

    John Schmidli

      Hi All!

      The 'exit sketch' symbol is missing from the top right of my display window.  Does anyone know how to get it back?

      I've been getting by using the 'exit sketch' button in the sketch panel but it would be great to have the normal interface back.


      The 'tick' and 'cross' symbols that usually show up in the same place are also missing.


      Cheers for any help,


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          Keith Parker

          John - It's called 'Confirmation Corner'.  Go to Options/System/General and tick the box...

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            Marc Wintle

            I've just had this issue on a fresh install of 2011. The other PC that had a fresh install (identical brand new PC) did not have this issue... our VAR didn't know this answer as he as well as I couldn't see why you would have an option to turn it off...

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                Deepak Gupta

                The only reasons for the option to be off can be because of some people might use Right click and select "Exit Sketch" or "S Key toolbar" or a "Mouse Gesture."


                The quick thing I can suggest is to hit Reset All in Tools > Options




                Reset the SolidWorks registry.


                Close SolidWorks and got to Start > Run > type regedit > go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > SolidWorks > SolidWorks 20XX


                Rename SolidWorks 20XX to SolidWorks 20XX-OLD (this is just to keep the backup of existing actually registry file), close the registry and restart SolidWorks. This will essentially reset SolidWorks to its as installed settings, so you will have to set all the options again. If this works, return to the registry and delete the SolidWorks 20XX-OLD key.




                Using Copy Settings wizard, copy the SW settings from the other PC which running fine and install those settings to your machine.


                But all of these option will change any custom setting you have in Tools > Options, so make sure you take a backup of the settings on your machine too.