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system resources running low

Question asked by mitchell shellenberger on Nov 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by Randy Miller

I have been getting a system resource notification that SW has detected that my system resources are running low.


I have read several previous posts about this, and read S-048684 and S-048683 which were recomended in those previous posts.  I have found that my GDI resourses are causing this message to appear.  I currently have 9106 objects used.  Which is over 9000, which causes this message to appear.


I only have one assembly windown open and two part windows, but I have been opening and closing parts all morning making updates and corrections.  Is there some solution to this problem other that changing the registry key to allow for more than 10000 GDI objects?  Why is this assembly driving up my GDI objects?


my system specs are attached along with the warning message.  I am running SW2010.