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    Real View Graphics

    Jerry Andre

      I have SW 2009 on a 64 bit system with windows 7.  The "button" for real view graphics is not there.  Anyone know how I can activate it?  Would it have anything to do with my graphics card?





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          Kelvin Lamport

          If we knew what the graphics card was it might help ... but, AFAIK, the RV icon should be available even if it is greyed out.


          Where is the icon (button) missing from? The Heads-up Toolbar atop the graphics area, or from the RMB menu, or the View > Display menu, or ???


          Is the Use software OpenGL option at Tools > Options > System Options > Performance selected, or selected and greyed-out?

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            Chris Challinor

            It is because your video card is not "Solidworks Certified", IMHO RealView is not needed unless your doing "smoke and mirrors" product releases and it has to look "real"


            At the same time, I find it stupid that SW forces us to use overpriced video cards that only afford "better manufacture support" of the card and limited "extras" that the drivers unlock for a work station card (most of the hardware to build the card is the same, it is only the drivers that are changed)......most gamer cards have more horsepower than so called "work station" cards.


            Sure, my work PC has a Quadro FX1800 in it, but my home system blows it away using an ATI 5780 2Gb EyeFinity6 Edition Gamer card. Refresh and spining models around is faster......and I do not miss RealView.

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              Art Radomski

              If you are going to buy a new card select it carefully,  I have a certified dell system with Quadro FX 3450 on XP64 and a built system win 7 Pro 64 bit with ATI Firepro GL V8600 and I have display issues with both. So even the certified cards have issues, don't be surprised if a certified card won't work proplerly with SW.

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                  Tim R

                  Art if this is relevant and you are still using the Nvidia Quadro FX 3450, you might want to roll back your drivers.  I think I solved most of my graphics problems by uninstalling the recommended/DS tested and approved 64 bit driver and installing an old driver - Nvidia 64 bit graphics driver version dated 10/29/2007.  Installing this driver seems to have caused most of my graphics issues/problems in Windows 7 - 64 bit with the Nvidia Quadro FX 3450 card, in a Dell Precision 490 workstation to go away.   So far I am happy.  Which means that a 2007 driver works better for my machine than the newer approved driver which should not be the case, but it is.