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    unable to delete face

    Jim Steinmeyer

      I am continuing to fight with this imported surfacing project. I have an imported surface model of a fiberglass part. I am currently attempting to remove the trim flange on the outer edge of the part as shown below.

      Weather I select one face or the whole outer flange and attempt to delete it I recieve rebuild errors that this would create a vertex with more than two converging open edges. I have selected several different faces to delete with the same results. Can someone explane this to me so i have a better idea of how to solve this problem?


      thank you




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          Hi Jim,


          You've got lots of other problems with your Surface-import417 that preclude you from using features like Delete Face. Go to Tools/Check  and uncheck "Solids" and then cleck "Check." Notice that there are a number of inconsistent faces in your model.  You need to go back to the original import file and work on getting it corrected before building features on the surface body. Check out my blog post - it might help.





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              Jim Steinmeyer


              Thank you. I had to export to STP and re-import to get to the import manager again. I am not sure if I am using the gap closer feature correctly as about all I was able to do with it was move the yellow holders to one of the already existing holder locations. They did not seem to want to snap to a correct location on the wireframe that showed. Most of the holders I just moved and replaced at the same location and they turned green but none of the gaps were able to be fixed so this must of not been the correct procedure. I did wind up deleteing several faces and had all the faces functioning but still had 2 strings of gaps that I could not correct in any way. With this I was able to close the editor and am now able to work with the faces.


              Again. Thank you for your help.



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                New Moon

                what do you mean "getting it corrected" ???

                i have same problem !!!

                i cant delete the face

                there are many errors that are not included in solidworks help !