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    Surface Modeling a Car

    Matthew Perez

      I just recently started posting here but a few months back i wrote a tutorial on modeling a car with SW.  I have posted it on another forum but I was wondering the appropriate place to display this information and if its wanted/needed here.  Im still finding my way around but is there a "tutorial" section?  I put this information together during the modeling process so it allows you to follow encountering some mistakes and work arounds.  I am by no means a car modeling expert and this was the first car I really put a lot of effort into, but I wanted to provide a free step by step since there didnt seem to be any out there.

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          Troy Peterson

          Welcome to the forum.


          Posting your tutorial in this section would be greatly appreciated.


          Images look very nice.

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            Greg Hynd

            I would greatly appreciate it if you posted it here!

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              Matthew Perez

              Thanks guys. I was wondering if that would be best or if there was a certain section for that type of thing.  My concern would be having it burried pages down as opposed to with other tutorials.  It was 20,000 words and about 400 images so its not small by any means:)


              The document with images is nearly 60mb so what I did on the other forum was upload all the images to another site and copy/pasted the document into responses with links to the images.  It wasnt the best way to do it but it works.  If there is any other suggestions on a good way to lay it out I would love to hear it.

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                Paul Marsman

                what format do you have the document in?  have you tried making a pdf to see the size then?

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                  Paul Marsman

                  and your images are very nice!

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                    Matthew Perez

                    Thanks Paul.  I wrote it as a word doc.  I made a pdf that was still pretty big but after your post i just resaved in a web pdf type format the size is pretty managable now.  I see the forum has up to 50mb uploads so that works perfectly.


                    And also as a note i wrote the document during modeling.  Ive read back through it but it isnt a polished/edited document.  I would love to hear any comments as you go along for ways to improve it.  As of now I dont know if anyone has gone through it all the way or not.  It is not the typical format that tells you every button to press and so on.  So please don't hold back if you have any comments about the way its written or modeled.  Its just how i taught myself.



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                      Paul Marsman

                      Absolutely amaizing and thank you.  Looks great on my breeze through of all nearly 300 pages, I know I'm going to try this (even though I am in no way a surface model guy)


                      Would you be able to post your model so we can look at your sketches and stuff in better detail as we look through the tutorial?

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                        Matthew Perez

                        Thanks paul!  That document represents about 15hrs worth of modeling, writing and taking screen shots:)


                        Sorry paul, but I would prefer not to post a model.  The main reason is I know a lot of people sell their models of vehicles and I would hate for it to end up something like that.  I don't mind at all helping out and posting screen shots or answering any questions, but I do prefer that people give it their honest try.  I realize it is hard to see the curves in the screen shots but because this type of modeling with the blue prints isnt real precise i figured everyones model will differ and really trial and error is the best way to learn this.  As you probably noticed going through the pics the document gets more slim towards the end(on purpose).  I wanted to provide the info in the begining needed but the entire modeling process is pretty much a compilation of about 5 steps so if you can pick up the process early on the rest should be relatively painless(for the most part:)).

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                          John Summers



                          That is really amazing- great work!  Thanks for sharing your hard work creating this pdf and images with us.  I plan on going through your tutorial (in all my spare time ) in my attempt to get more proficient with surfacing techniques.  Again- thanks! 

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                            Charles Culp

                            You should submit this as a presentation for SolidWorks World 2011. I would be interested in seeing portions of this live.



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                              Matt Lombard

                              Hey, looks nice! I'm going to have to try to find some time to go through this and see how it turns out! Thanks for posting cool stuff.

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                                Brian Cayer

                                Thanks Matthew for posting this most excellent project.


                                I love this car, almost bought one.


                                It was an extreme battle between passion and reason.

                                In the end reason prevailed and I ended up with a Prius.


                                I will now try to model the car and maybe regain some of that passion.



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                                  Matthew Perez

                                  Thanks for all the comments guys!


                                  Charles, I am a certified Expert and was asked to submit some tutorials for SW world, but unfortunately my work has not allowed me to upgrade to 2010(which is a requirement) so i wasnt able to submit anything.  Its frustrating because we have 2010 sitting here but because of future version issues between us and some of our associates it has prevented me from upgrading.  This car wasnt the easiest to model because of some of the lines but i had fun doing it and wanted to pass it along to maybe show others how I approached it.


                                  I still have a little more detail work to do on the car before I move on to another project but I am in the planning stages now.  I was going to(and am still planning) on finishing this tutorial with the detail work like rims, grill and all that stuff I just havent had the time to go back yet.  My first shot at a car was a caddy STS that i wasnt super happy with, then i gave an audi TT a go before i put in the time on this camaro.  Its a big learning experience for me so hopefully someone gets something out of it as well.


                                  I attached some shots of the TT.  Probably one of the easier cars out there to model if I had to guess.

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                                    Dan Riffell

                                    Wow, that's great stuff.  A 300 page tutorial is very impressive!  Thanks for sharing it.

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