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Hiding lines in section views

Question asked by Daniel Herodes on Aug 17, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2010 by Daniel Herodes

I tried to post this question in another thread but since that one was already answered it is getting no feedback. Hopefully this will work better.


I am attempting to hide the edges that show up in a offset section view where the section changes direction. I know that it is technically correct to leave these lines visible, but to me they make the view un-clear. If I select hide/show edges and then select the edges I wish to remove I get the error message "hide/show edges is not supported for shaded views" (Please see the attached images). The view is not shaded.


I cannot hide the edges in other views as well, I get the same error message. Any idea why I cannot do this or how I can turn off these edges altogether?


PS: This is in SW2010 SP3.1 ...any chance that a later service pack will correct this?