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Seeking Reader/Viewer for *.prt.1 files

Question asked by Paul Scott on Jul 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2010 by Paul Scott

Hello!  My name is Paul and I am a technical writer, not an engineer.  I joined this forum because I'm looking for information that I hope you all can help me find.


As part of a documentation project, I've been handed a number of files that all have filenames of the form ######_####.prt.1.  None of my applications can open these files, but I was able to get in using a small utility that views files at the code level.  There, I found the following line:


#Pro/ENGINEER  TM  Wildfire 2.0  (c) 2004 by Parametric Technology Corporation  All Rights Reserved. M290


That's what led me here.  I'm assuming that Wildfire is the application that was used to develop these files.


I don't need to edit the files; I just need to read them.  Can any of you recommend a viewer/reader for files of this format?


NOTE: I did do a little research before posting here.  I downloaded the Solidworks eDrawing Viewer, but it wasn't able to open the files either.


Any help would be much appreciated!