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    Command Manager Tabs eventually disapear at SW2008 sp 5.1 ...

    Robert Cruz

      I note on the SW2008 sp 5.1 that time to time my Command Manager Tabs totally disapear.

      there are any way to restore these Tabs back on to the interface through Options or other Menu Option ?

      I notice that MENUS became better controled since SW2009 and better at SW2010 using some undocking and

      repositioning menu bars as example the comand manager ... etc ...

      So, any recomendations where to find the command/function that could restore Command Manager Tabs back at SW2008 sp 5.1 ?


      Robert Cruz.

        • Re: Command Manager Tabs eventually disapear at SW2008 sp 5.1 ...
          John Sweeney

          Hi Robert,

          If you can see one or more of your tabs, and simply want to know how to show more tabs, then you can right-mouse button select an existing tab and choose one of the options available for displaying more tabs.


          If you have lost all your tabs, such that none are visible, then you can open the Tools-Customize dialog and you'll see every hidden tab display itself. You can then right-mouse button select one of the hidden tabs and choose the "Show Tab" option.  Using this technique with the Tools-Customize dialog also gives you access to add any existing toolbar as its own tab by selecting the "Add Tab" option from the right mouse button menu and then picking from the list of available toolbars.


          I hope this helps.


          Best Regards,