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    Using SW for teaching Statics/Dynamics?

    Bob Rumer

      I teach Engineering Mechanics, both Statics and Dynamics, and am looking for ways to use SW to teach students mechanics.  Can anyone point me to sources of good student oriented projects/labs?



      Bob Rumer

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          Roland Schwarz

          Have you used SolidWorks Motion?   It would be useful to demonstrate forces at joints in an assembly.  I do this all the time.


          Before we got SW Motin (formerly COSMOS Motion), I did full statics workups of the joints of different mechanisms we make.  Calculations were done on a spreadsheet to capture forces in different positions.  Now I can just model the assembly and get all that information and much more.


          I also have a spreadsheet that automates schematic SW sketches.  It does not calculate by statics but it does calculate actuator loads by measuring mechanical advantage over minute movements.  We have correlated the results of all of these methods with real measurements.

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            Charles Culp



            Marie Planchard would be a good person to ask, her blog link is above. I will try and get you Marie's email address.


            I assume you have already gone here: http://www.solidworks.com/education

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              Marie Planchard

              Hi Bob


              I used to teach Statics/Dynamics using Hibbler's text book.  But here are a few examples that I would recommend in SolidWorks'


              Go to our customer portal (www.solidworks.com/customerportal)


              You will need your 20 digit school serial number to create an account.  The serial number is located in the SolidWorks Education Edition under Help, About SolidWorks.


              You will then have access to Educator Resources on the first page of the customer portal.  I would recommend looking at:

                   1. The Bridge Curriculum.  This is a great example of use of a truss in a design revision

                   2. The Instructor's Guide to SolidWorks Motion (and corresponding Student Guide)  This is a great example for Dynamics with a 4 bar linkage

                   3. Inside of SolidWorks, go to Tools, Add Ins and turn on SolidWorks Simulation.  Then you will have access to the simulation tutorials.  I like the tutorial with the truss and the distributed load



              Please let me know if you need anything else.  There are a series of movies on the teacher blog at http://blogs.solidworks.com/teacher that talk  about our new curriculum.


              Marie Planchard